What Are The Main Factors Affecting Air Freight Costs?

If you are planning on shipping goods by air, it is important to understand the different factors that will impact on the shipping costs as it will help you when setting a freight budget. Below, this article will discuss the main factors that will play a huge role in determining how much you pay your freight forwarding service.

1. Distance

It goes without saying that for any mode of transportation, the further the distance, the higher the transportation fees. This simply means that if your goods are being shipped locally, you will pay less than you will be charged if your items are being shipped to an international destination by air.

2. Your Carrier

Different airlines charge varying fees for any given distance. Some airlines deal specifically with cargo services meaning that they may be cheaper than airlines which also offer passenger services. To get a great deal for air freight services, consider comparing the charges of different freight forwarders or cargo shipping airlines.

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3. The Types of Good Being Shipped

Some goods require very specific shipping containers and care during transportation. For example, if you are shipping perishable foodstuffs, you may need refrigerated containers. Some fragile goods may also require special shipping containers so that they do not get damaged while in transit. If you are shipping goods that require specialised care and attention during, your air freight costs will be higher compared to when you are shipping goods that do not require any special care and attention.

4. The Current Market Demand for Freight Services

In times of high demand, service providers tend to charge higher prices especially if there is a limited number of air freight operators. You can save money by timing the shipping of your goods to coincide with the off-peak season or shopping around for service providers who are offering a discount.

5. Customs Fees

Your overall air freight costs will also include fees levied by customs at the point of departure and the point of entry. Air shipping fees will also include inspection fees, fumigation expenses as well as the cost of clearance certificates for the goods you are shipping.

6. The Expected Time of Arrival

You will likely pay if you need an air freight service provider to make an expedited delivery. This is because the service provider will have to seek more labour and other exceptions to have your goods delivered faster. To save money, it is usually advisable that you book for air freight services early. Late bookings may also translate to higher charges.